Rickshaws and Cash Payments Come To Uber in India

April 10, 2015         By: Thadeus Geodfrey

The most popular transportation company in the world has just added a few new feathers to its cap.

Uber has now added an auto rickshaw service for its New Delhi customers. To top this, it is allowing cash payments for the first time ever for those who want to hail a rickshaw.

Dubbed UberAuto, this new service works exactly the same way as the existing Uber services, except that users of UberAuto do not have to pay any booking fees or service charges. This move comes in the wake of the realisation that the auto rickshaw was one of the most popular modes of transport in the city.

Top brass from Uber in Delhi also realised that a large section of the population in the city would like to have a cash-based product, and felt that this one would appeal to that demographic. In the future, some of the people who have the Uber app just for UberAuto will undoubtedly use some of Uber’s other premium services, increasing the company’s returns.

Local rival company OlaCabs also runs an auto rickshaw service, but with UberAuto around, it’s definitely going to be given a run for its money.