Verifone Engage Revealed as the Future of Connected Payment Devices

October 22, 2015         By: Mike Dautner

Verifone, one of the world’s leading payment and commerce solutions are seeking to enable merchants, acquirers, and service providers with new commerce opportunities, in store experiences, and above all protection against increasing security threats.

The company announced today Verifone Engage, which will be the next generation family of payment devices that will attempt to reinvent the expectancy of POS system hardware and software.

Verifone Engage is considered Verifone’s first fully integrated Linux-based product line. It encompasses an impressive range of payment solutions for merchants, acquirers, and service providers.

This new line is the result of a new strategy from the company to bring unique value to the POS industry and its interaction with the consumer. They intend to do so with highly connected and commerce-enabled solutions.

“We’re leading the industry to dramatically transform the retail POS to be much more than a box that takes card-based payments,” commented Glen Robson, EVP, Global Head of Terminals Solutions, Verifone. “The Verifone Engage family of products is a major paradigm shift in our approach to the point of sale. We are leveraging the power and performance of our open and flexible architecture to bring an entirely different level of interaction between consumers and merchants. With a two-way conversation that can happen at the counter and anywhere in store, we are making the shopping experience more profitable for merchants and more rewarding for consumers.”

Verifone Engage offers the best of physical, mobile, and online consumer interaction available. As such the company intends to capitalize on their enhanced pedigree.

“Powerful software applications are driving the evolution of payment terminals,” said James Wester, worldwide payments research director, IDC. “By expanding what payment terminals can do, these new devices aren’t just for secure, one-dimensional transactions; they’re creating new multi-dimensional retail experiences and new levels of personal engagement with consumers.”