Slyde Partners with DoubleBeam to Bring BLE Shopping to the US

July 11, 2014         By: Kevin Xu

While companies in the US are vying to be the leader in mobile payments, they may have to start competing with offerings from outside the border.

SK Planet, a subsidiary of SK Telecom, is bringing Slyde to the US.

Slyde is a mobile commerce solution for consumers and merchants that enable loyalty rewards, marketing campaigns, and mobile payments.

It integrates the much talked about Bluetooth low energy beacon technology that targets shoppers directly with deals and enticing offers, allowing consumers to save deals ahead of time, or during shopping.

Support for Slyde will be offered on DoubleBeam’s GoPago system, an Android-based POS.

Working in tandem, GoPago and Slyde offers consumers an easier and quicker way to shop and check out their items.

When a customer wants to purchase an item, they confirm their item and identity with the cashier, and discounts are automatically applied. The Bluetooth low energy tech allows for the customer to leave their wallet or smartphone in their pockets.

It’s currently undergoing a pilot in Berkeley, California.

Consumers view push notifications as an annoyance, so there has to be a reason and an incentive to opt-in to BLE loyalty and marketing campaigns.

Research Now found that 77 percent of consumers were willing to enable BLE if it meant that they would receive value in return.