Lightspeed Offers New Restaurant-Focused Commerce Platform

October 23, 2014         By: Daniel Easley

Lightspeed has announced a new addition to its retail commerce platform.

Dubbed Lightspeed Restaurant, the platform looks to take Lightspeed’s experience – over 21,000 businesses and $8.2 billion in transactions – into the hospitality industry. This new cloud based offering is available immediately for cafes, bars, nightclubs, fine dining, and chain restaurants.

Business owners will be able to take advantage of Lightspeed’s dual “front of house” and “back of house” system. The “back of house” part will help owners analyze data from any device – giving them easy access to unparalleled consumer insights. Owners will also have the ability to make changes to menus, listings, pricing, and images on the fly. The software is designed to work with existing business applications like Accounting, ERP, and others.

The “front of house” system offers iPad and other mobile device table side ordering complete with visuals, management of bar tabs, and credit card payments. Customers will be able to easily pay for their orders and split the bill without causing a nightmare for the service staff.

“Lightspeed’s strength is in creating technology that improves business operations and enables superior customer experiences. Expanding into hospitality responds to the massive demand we have seen in the past two years for a restaurant solution from Lightspeed, and furthers our vision to bring sophisticated, yet accessible technology to all of Main Street,” said Dax Dasilva, Founder and CEO of Lightspeed.

Lightspeed’s entry into the restaurant industry will be headed by the newly appointed Director of Hospitality, Zhong Xu. Xu is the co-founder of Belgium based POSIOS, a POS company that was acquired by Lightspeed as part of the Lightspeed Restaurant rollout.

According to Dasilva, it’s an effort to build out solutions that can provide more than payments, and to solve the unique challenges faced by different businesses through novel software.

“For companies that are coming to Lightspeed, we’re now offering payments to become a one-stop shop. They’re coming to us for the mPOS solution, eCommerce, hardware, and payments. Payments on its own I think, is becoming more of a commodity. Companies that can layer whole solutions around the payment, are what are going to differentiate that software value-add.”