BigCommerce Helps Mobile Payments Work Globally With New Multi-Currency Tools

February 12, 2020         By: Steven Anderson

Expanding a business into the wider world is the goal for many companies out there, who relish the thought of someone in China or Europe or most anywhere else plunking down cash for a certain item. Yet actually making that jump can be something of a challenge, even with mobile payments behind the transaction. BigCommerce, meanwhile, recently tipped us off about a move it’s made to help smooth the way to being a truly multinational operation: a string of new multi-currency features designed to help connect people with stuff with people with cash.

The new tools released by BigCommerce feature the ability to conduct transactions—from presentation to transaction to settlement—in over 100 different currencies. With BigCommerce’s tools, no matter if you’re using Stripe, PayPal Express Checkout, Adyen, or one of several others, you can conduct business in London as readily as you can in Boston.

The new services are available without extra fees getting involved, and currency exchange rates can be established with just one click in the interface for the most up-to-date conversion rates. Those with higher-end, enterprise-level needs can actually define pricing by the SKU.

This is just the start, too; BigCommerce will be adding support for several more payment platforms later on this year, allowing Barclaycard, BlueSnap, and PayPal / Braintree users to get in on the action.

BigCommerce’s chief product officer Jimmy Duvall noted “In today’s global ecosystem, merchants not only need to have the technical ability to sell in new markets, but also provide international shoppers with a familiar, localized experience. BigCommerce’s enterprise-level multi-currency tools allow our merchants to quickly scale into new markets without forcing them to work with just one payment provider.”

Having the tools necessary to expand outward is a vital part of allowing businesses to grow. It’s part of that “selling shovels in a gold rush” dynamic that has allowed not only the businesses hunting gold, so to speak, to grow, but also give those selling the shovels room to grow as well. It’s hard not to approve of businesses that make doing business easier, and BigCommerce’s multi-currency tools should make international expansions just that for many businesses out there.

It will be interesting to see how well businesses put the new tools to work, and what kinds of results are achieved therein. For now, though, the potential is there, and strong enough to be worthwhile.