$15 Million Raised by Backflip Aiming to Grow Real Estate Investment Platform

The all-in-one program of Backflip has an objective to offer fix and flip investors the technology, financing strategies, and data for flipping the house successfully at scale. Led by the FirstMark Capital of New York, the Series A round arrives after Backflip mentioned that they have crossed $10 million in net revenue. This has thus made them reach profitability. 

Backflip is known as a Dallas-based all-in-one real estate as well as a platform of financial technology for the entrepreneurs of real estate. It has announced a $15 million Series A funding that is raised by FirstMark Capital. It is known as the early investor in the category that defines platforms like Shopify, Airbnb as well as Pinterest. This is not just about flipping the house but it is about flipping the script about what, why, and how it means to be an entrepreneur in real estate. 

$15 Million Raised by Backflip

According to the CEO of Backflip Josh Ernst, almost 400000 homes are flipped each year in the United States of America and raising. The mission here is to assist the individuals in accessing the funding and offering them tools by which they can participate. Backflip provides all the information, capital products, and support that are designed for the entrepreneur in the hands of several individuals in an industry that initially had several barriers to starting and scaling in a successful manner. 

More details about Backflip 

Backflip is empowering its members to rejuvenate communities with a modernized home at a time. Past investors like Vertical Venture Partners, Revel Partners, LiveOak Venture Partners, and Crow Holdings along with notable angles like Rob Barber, and Greg Waldorf have participated in this round. Further, the board members of the organization including Data, Zillow, GreenSky, and Attom have even participated in this round. 

  • This fund has arrived in a crucial phase as a $10 million net revenue has recently been achieved and is becoming profitable even when there are disturbances in the housing market. 
  • In the year 2023, the organization has reported a fivefold rise in the run rate of revenue as compared to the past years with their members analyzing their properties that are valued at around $5 billion every month. 
  • Backflip has already dedicated itself to reshaping the landscape related to real estate entrepreneurship with a comprehensive platform that caters to a like-minded professional community. 
  • The main idea of designing this program is to streamline the management of pipeline investment which facilitates growth and fosters financing in the sector of real estate investment. 
$15 Million Raised by Backflip Aiming to Grow Real Estate Investment Platform

Fact check about $15 Million Raised by Backflip

The CEO of Backflip Josh Ernst has emphasized the transformative vision of the organization and it is not just related to flipping houses. Almost 400000 homes are flipped each year in the United States of America and this is growing. The main mission here is to provide assistance to the individuals in accessing the funding along with the tools that are required to participate. 

  • Backflip provides support as well as capital programs that are designed for entrepreneurs in the industry which historically has so many barriers to beginning successfully and scaling. 
  • While doing this, Backflip is empowering the members so that they can rejuvenate communities with a modernized home at a time. 
  • The real state of the company and the FinTech platform is mainly designed for offering funding as well as tools to the entrepreneurs that flip an overall total of 400000 houses each year in the United States of America. 
  • The technology of Backflip as well as their capital solution assist the members in managing their investment pipeline and going their real estate business. 
  • The company offers data that is based in real-time by the apps related to mobile and desktops by assisting individual sources to track and evaluate investments that are potential. This helps in securing financing for the project. 
  • The round of funding comes when the organization crosses $10 million in the run of net revenue and is approaching profitability. Further more than 900 homes were funded by Backflip and realized an average gross profit of $82000 for every property. 

All we know about Backflip Raises $15 Million

The latest funding round of Backflip is led by FirstMark Capital. According to the PYMNT, the arrival of digital tools as well as platforms has shifted the process of buying a home. The all-in-one platform streamlined the experience of buying a home. These apps make use of advanced technologies which include augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and data analytics for offering users a recommendation that is personalized. This thus helped members a lot in growing their real estate business of investment. 

  • In another type of development in space, it has expanded its construction and finance platform for real estate to meet the requirements of the owners of real estate and their developers. 
  • This platform now provides assistance to such professionals in managing their budgets and streamlining invoices and compliances by moving money and making decisions. 
  • The platform even integrates the management of budget, draw requests, and compliance. 
  • It even helps in the management of vendors and inserts payments for helping in completing the deals related to development during the given time and in the given budget. 
  • Backflip is serving a community of like-minded individuals by driving the future of real estate entrepreneurship in an end-to-end platform. All of this helps in the efficient management of investment pipelines as well as in securing funding by the members. 

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